Fujairah Cement Works


7no silos were completed over a six month period for the Belgium company Six Construct, near Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates.
The work was undertaken in the extreme desert heat, with concrete being placed on a 24 hour per day basis.

CF Silo
The CF Silo 80m tall included the formation of 6no. 26m high internal columns and post tensioning pilasters. The columns were slipformed together with the outer wall, with a high degree of accuracy and excellent finish.

Clinker Silo
40m diameter, post tensioned silo.
The silo was poured in stages to a level above the off loading tunnels, due to the density of reinforcement around the tunnel openings. Above this level the silo was a continuous pour day and night, until completion.

Cement Silos
The 4 no. silos were constructed using 2 sets of shutters allowing the main Contractor greater flexibility with craneage and labour. The silos included wall thickenings around unloading tunnel openings and pilasters for the post tensioning ducts.

Reject Silo
Used for the storage of the reject Clinker.
The Silo was slipformed up to the level of the transfer slab and then the shutter was completely removed to allow the construction of the slab. Once the slab was complete the shutter was re-installed and the remainder of the silo was completed.