Barclays Bank, Canary Wharf


The slipformed elements of the Barclays Bank building consisted of the main core structure and two smaller satellite cores. The main core measured approximately 42m x 19m with a slipformed height of 175 metres. The satellite cores measured approximately 10m x 10m and again 175m high.

The tight construction programme demanded by the client was such that the only option available was to slipform the main core in a single slide on a 24 hours per day, seven days per week basis, simultaneously with the satellite cores.

This programme dictated that Slipform International would have to produce the largest slipform rig ever used in the UK in order to form the entire main core and carry the two articulated, hydraulic concrete placing booms required to place sufficient concrete with adequate speed. The resultant slipform rig weighed in at approximately 1000 tonnes, supported a further 200 tonnes of plant and materials and formed the main core at a speed averaging 165mm per hour.

The main core slipform was completed within 7 weeks including reconfiguring the rig for variations in wall thickness and layout at several levels. 15,000m³ of concrete and 2,400t of reinforcement were placed in this time. The accuracy of the slide were well within the 25mm verticality tolerance specified by the client and the quality/integrity of the concrete and surface finish excellent throughout.